In 2014, Alexis Loizon get the role of Robin, that it plays alternately in the show “Robin Hood : The Legend almost ” written by Fred Colas and directed by Guillaume Beaujolais.

Back in Paris, the legend of Robin Hood is revisited in a musical wacky family to enjoy : adventure, love and magic to delight children and adults.

Synopsis :

Nothing goes in the kingdom ! Prince John took advantage of the absence of his brother the king to seize the throne, and with his scary servant, the Sheriff of Nottingham, they get rich on the backs of poor people. But fortunately, the super hero of Sherwood Forest has arrived: Robin Hood is in place! Accompanied by his best friend Little John, Robin will attempt to thwart the evil plans of his enemies.

It is of course not counting on his meeting with Marianne, the beautiful princess whose evil nature is rivaled her beauty and Lady Knock, his housekeeper specializes in the breeding of princesses.