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Established in 1971 by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey, launched on Valentine’s Day in 1972 and played 3,388 times on Broadway during its first operation, Grease was nominated for 7 Tony Awards. It was then produced in London in 1974. This musical was brought to the screen four years later, an eponymous film marked by the duo Olivia Newton-John / John Travolta, the record-breaking film, $ 400 million Recipes and often cited as the most popular musical film. This adaptation of the musical really propelled the career of John Travolta.

Since the success never ceased, the musical was taken over Broadway (from 1994 to 1998 for 1 505 additional performances), exploited in tours throughout the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Africa The South and several European countries. (Richard Gere and Elaine Paige, among others, figured in the different distributions).

It is with great pride that Alexis will endorse the perfecto of Danny Zuko, because it is this role that give him the love of musical.

The show will be played in September 2017 at the Mogador Theater.

Synopsis :

The story takes place in 1959 at the Rydell High School, in the suburbs of Chicago, on a background of rock music. Sandy Dumbrowski, a new student, joins the high school.

To her surprise, she finds her love of summer, Danny Zuko, leader of the T-Birds gang. If she is happy to see him again, he worries more about his popularity and his image as a band chief than Sandy’s feelings.

Aided by the Pink Ladies, Sandy will eventually win in this game of love and chance.